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Who is ELQ Solutions?

Many people have asked - What does ELQ stand for?

ELQ Solutions was created in 2008 by Jo Ann Wetzel, Owner, as well as Instructional Designer, Elearning Developer, and Project Manager.

You might think that ELQ stands for elearning, but it doesn't.

Here's a little bit about our history and how ELQ Solutions came to be...

Throughout grade school, Jo Ann was an avid General Hospital fan. She would literally run home every day after school to watch Luke, Laura, Scottie, Bobbie, Scorpio, and the Quartermaines. In the show, Edward Louis Quartermaine ran a company called ELQ. Jo Ann always liked this name and it stuck with her ever since.

Once Jo Ann finished school and began working, she took the time to learn every aspect of every job she held - from administrative, to customer service, to training, to technical support, to people management, to accounting, to managing budgets and financial statements, to managing projects, to sales and marketing. Jo Ann always dreamed of running her own business someday. It was also during this time that Jo Ann learned from companies than ran well, and other companies that did not run so well. She said, "Some day, I will take all of these good qualities and run my company that way".

Jo Ann started ELQ Solutions on a part-time basis, while still working full-time in a completely different industry. She obtained many clients during this time until she was able to make ELQ Solutions her full-time passion. You see, ELQ Solutions is not just a job to Jo Ann. ELQ Solutions is something Jo Ann has worked very hard at and made her passion.

ELQ Solutions has served over 150 clients, big and small, as well as many repeat clients since 2008 and that is something she is very proud of.

So, put the two together and you have ELQ Solutions. It's just that simple.

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