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Recruiting & Job Search

Recruiting Solutions 

ELQ Solutions offers your company the best services for finding new employees without breaking the piggy bank. Contact us today to learn how, for a modest finder’s fee, ELQ Solutions can help you to locate employees with the skills that you need.
We save you time by finding resources for you. We find the top quality employees, consultants, and freelancers available. We help you find the person you need fast when you are in a bind. We can locate temporary workers for short-term projects. We provide full recruiting services from locating prospective candidates to screening and interviewing them 

Don’t have the time to find resources?

Have short-term, temporary work, but don't have the resources to do it?

Having difficulty finding good quality resources?

Need somone to locate, screen, and interview your candidates?

Need to hire someone quickly?

Great employees shouldn’t be expensive. As a business owner, you have enough to worry about. At ELQ, we provide great resources with a modest finder’s fee. Contact us today to learn more.

“Very resourceful recruiter.”

“We have been using ELQ to find and screen candidates so we can staff our projects.”

“Queen of recruiting.”


Job Seekers

Need help with your job search?
Unsure how to incorporate social media into your job search?
Having difficulty finding new opportunities?
Need help with your resume or interviewing skills?
Looking for suggestions on how to build your network?
With over 20 years of interview, job search, and counseling experience, ELQ can assist with all of your job search needs. Let us help you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Contact us today to learn more.
woman in business suit pointing

“Attended a session and was amazed at the level of detail and information presented.”

“The advice was practical and it made sense to me.”

 “I didn’t think anything was wrong with my resume. Then I attended a session and received guidance on how to properly format my resume so recruiters don’t just toss it”.

“Great interview coaching tips. Definitely using again.”

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