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Learning Solutions

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Learning Solutions

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Instructional Design




Comprehensive Learning Solutions that Meet Your Needs

Meet the Needs of Individual Employees
Gain a Comprehensive Understanding of Requirements
Get the Details Right the First Time
Employ Creative Design
Create Engaging and Interactive Online Content
Develop Content that Mirrors Learning Objectives
Give You the Ability to Measure Results
Learning solutions are vital in businesses of all industries. At ELQ Solutions, we specialize in developing training materials and eLearning content for individuals in the fields of:
Higher Education
Healthcare, Insurance, and Pharmaceutical
Banking and Financial Services
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Creating an effective learning environment is no small task. That’s why you can count on ELQ Solutions to:


What services do we provide when you contract ELQ Solutions to acquire your staff education and training materials? Glad you asked! Our experienced training staff will walk you through every step of the process.
First we analyze your existing content that is in place for training and orientation. Next we provide a needs assessment. Then we create design documents and develop style guides and standards. Once the ideas are in place, it is time to start developing eLearning content and other materials.
We also help you to create training implementation plans that take your learning solutions from the drawing board to the classroom. We help coordinate sessions to train those who will become trainers within the company. We also help you to evaluate and measure results through LMS management and a Q&A review. Plus, no modern educational program is complete without eLearning. Therefore, we also help develop mobile learning solutions.

eLearning Content and Mobile Learning Solutions

Learning Solutions for Any Industry

Business Learning Solutions

At ELQ Solutions we provide learning solutions for companies of all sizes. Whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500 company, we can help you to develop the eLearning content and training materials you need in order to help your staff to accomplish your business needs in an efficient manner.
Analyze Existing Content
Develop Needs Assessments
Create Design Documents
Develop Style Guides & Development Standards
Content Development
Create Training Implementation Plans
Coordinate Train-the-Trainer Sessions
Evaluate and Measure Results
Develop Mobile Learning Solutions
LMS Management
QA Review
“Great!!! Fast job. Will work with again. ELQ has turned our revenue streams around with just a few simple tweaks!”
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