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ELQ has the solution to your IT needs. We help you stay up-to-date, and migrate to cloud computing services. Is your business currently facing any of these IT quandaries? 
Microsoft no longer supports Windows Small Business Server 2003, Windows XP workstations, and Office 2003, but you haven’t been able to upgrade yet. 
Small business with fewer than 150 seats don’t qualify for migration assistance support through Microsoft. 
Collaboration with Google solutions is proving difficult.
You need mobile solutions that function across various devices and platforms.
Are you exhausted from struggling to stay up-to-date and manage new technology? 
We have a solution.
Let ELQ Solutions help you upgrade to Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Services and provide support for your company. 
The Ability to Work from Anywhere.
Office 365 works on PCs, tablets, phones, and now, even Apple products. Office 365 gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere and using any device. Office 365 gives you access to your current projects, documents, calendar, contacts, and team sites. It’s like bringing the office with you. Finish a project from home or even the beach. Cloud services allow you to pick up where you or another team member left off last regardless of your location or device. 
The Tools You Know. 
Learning new tools can be tough. With Office 365, you get to use all the same applications you are used to, they just come along with you. You can save projects directly to the cloud using Word, Excel, Power Point, and all of your other Microsoft favorites. There’s no hassle, no fuss, just functionality. 
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Why Migrate to Office 365?

Return on Investment. 
Office 365 minimizes your upgrade costs by not requiring new hardware or software. You still use all of your Microsoft applications, such as Outlook, and you can run Office 365 from any current device. You get enterprise-grade IT for a fraction of the normal upgrade cost. 
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Successful and efficient business ventures are about teamwork. With Office 365, everyone updates in real-time, so your staff can collaborate efficiently on projects. By sharing calendars, no one misses a meeting or a project deadline. Plus, instant messaging and online web conferencing keep everyone in touch. 
Office 365 keeps itself up to date and is guaranteed to be online when you need it. Microsoft is constantly updating and improving Office 365, and you will always have to latest version with the most up-to-date security features. More uptime means more time for your users to be productive. 
Automatic Updates and Guaranteed 99.10% Uptime. 
Office 365 keeps your important company data safe. Built-in Office 365 security deflects malware, spam, phishing attacks and other threats. Delegated Administration makes it easy to manage your environment. Simply delegate your administration to ELQ Solutions, your Office 365 experts, and let us handle the IT side of things while you get back to running your company. Built in Office 365 security deflects malware, spam, phishing attacks and other threats. 
The Simple IT Solution. 
Isn’t it time that you stop spending hundreds of dollars trying to keep your old, antiquated systems running? Contact ELQ Solutions today for a complimentary evaluation and let us demonstrate how we can make your business run smoother.
Upgrade Existing Microsoft Office Products
Create a Detailed Migration Plan
Develop a Migration Proposal including Office 365 Licenses
Assist with Office 365 Product Selection
Document Findings and Recommendations
Analyze the Existing IT Environment
Manage Domains
Setup Additional Services (i.e., intranet, company website, instant messaging, web conferencing, and social media tools)
Setup Mobile Solutions (i.e., tablets, smartphones, etc.)
Migrate Existing Email and Documents to the Cloud (OneDrive)
Provide Training on How to Access and Use Your New Tools / Environment
Ongoing Support through Delegated Administration



“I was faced with having to upgrade my very old Windows 2003 Small Business Server and my Windows XP desktops because they were no longer supported by Microsoft. We are a very small office with only a couple of users. With technology becoming outdated so quickly, it really didn’t make sense to make a large capital investment for a new server, new desktops and new software. Microsoft Office 365 has simplified my world. I have moved away from using desktop computers and my entire office now uses laptop computers, making it so much easier to travel and work remotely.”




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